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What Is Required for an installation?

To get access you must be able to achieve radio line of sight to the access point location from your location.

Customer requirements: The connection to our system is a standard Ethernet network plug, therefore your computer must have an Ethernet network port to connect to our system. Most computers made within the last few years will have one. The Ethernet port looks like a telephone jack except it is wider. If your computer does not have an Ethernet port, you will have to purchase and install an Ethernet card in your computer (these are typically less than $20.00 at most computer retailers). You also have to provide AC power close to the location where the cable from outside terminates.

Installation requires the mounting of an antenna on a bracket or pole in a suitable location that has unobstructed radio line-of-sight to our nearest access point. Cable is then run from the outdoor antenna to indoors where an AC power connection is required. The Ethernet port indoors is the termination of our network. This port then connects directly to the ethernet port on your computer. If you have more than one computer you will need a router. A wireless gateteway/router will allow you to have wireless connections in your home.

The standard hardware can reach approximately 12km from our access point provided there is radio line-of-sight. Equipment can be customised (at additional cost) to reach farther if you can still obtain clear line-of-sight.

Please check the internet provider's web site for detailed pricing information. You can use the ISP's button at the top of this page.

Some Client Site Installations:

Some Typical Installs:
NOTE: Clicking on a picture will open a new window with the larger picture.

When we install, we will work out a mounting location with you to try to keep the antenna location
as inconspicuous as possible and the cable runs as concealed as reasonably possible.

The standard antenna (which is about 18Wx16H), is suitable for customer
up to 12km away from one of our access points with clear line of sight.


Antenna mounted under the eave, cable routed around under eve and down downspout.

Antenna mounted under the eave at corner of house. Antenna cable routed down behind downspout through the basement wall.

Antenna mounted on existing TV tower, cable runs down tower and into basement.

Antenna mounted on facer board at peak, cable run under eave.

Antenna mounted on back of chimney, cable run down back corner of house into basement.

Antenna mounted at corner of porch roof, under the eave. Cable is tucked around porch, down an eavestrough, and into basement.

Non-Typical Installs:
NOTE: Clicking on a picture will open a new window with the larger picture.

NOTE: These installations can more than double the standard installation hardware cost.
These will usually incur some additional labour charge as well, although this can be offset
or eliminated by the customer doing some or all of the additional work.


Antenna mounted on pole, antenna cable down pole into pipe accross yard and into basement.

Custom bracket to mount to wall of flat roof office building, cable runs in through wall.

Mounted to post on back porch low enough to look under nearby trees, high enough to look over any snowdrift (hopefully).

Mounted on tripod near back of roof, cable runs under eave down an eavestrough and into basement.

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